This Week In React #109: React Labs, Linaria, React-Aria, Design System, Ladle, Sandpack, Redwood, React-Native, Moon...

This Week In React #109: React Labs, Linaria, React-Aria, Design System, Ladle, Sandpack, Redwood, React-Native, Moon...

Hi everyone!

Another week with lots of content, including 2 official articles on the React and React-Native blogs.

The React ecosystem continues to grow, and my curation workflow is getting better too. Result: I have more and more links to share 😅

By the way, I'm curious, is being exhaustive a bug or a feature? 😄 You can answer me by email or on the Twitter poll.

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React Labs: What We've Been Working On -- June 2022

React Labs is a new series of articles: the React team wants to share more regularly its progress. Read the whole article: it contains a lot of very interesting information, in particular:

  • Server Components: async/await model, no more .server.js extension, Webpack/Vite unification...
  • React Optimizing Compiler (React Forget) rewritten, seems to progress well.
  • the Offscreen API offering new very interesting capabilities (instant transitions ❤️️)

See also Dan Abramov comments on Reddit

Airbnb's Trip to Linaria

Airbnb explains how they went from Sass to react-with-styles and then Linaria. It is a no-runtime CSS-in-JS framework with static CSS extraction. They explain their choice, migration strategy, and give a positive feedback on the tool they contribute to.

React Aria - Date and Time Pickers for All

React Aria has just announced the release of Date and Time Picker components and hooks. As you can expect, there is a real focus on accessibility, flexibility and internationalization. We can feel that there is a lot of work behind these components from the Adobe teams.

Notes on maintaining an internal React component library

Gabe works on Walrus, Digital Ocean's internal React design system. He offers a very detailed feedback on the maintenance of a React design system over time. He shares interesting lessons on the human aspect as well as on the design of props, the encapsulation of components or the management of version upgrades.

Capture Phase Event Handling in React

We often use the "bubbling" phase of DOM events, but it is sometimes useful to use the "capture" phase which is not very well known. We can use for example onClickCapture with React.


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Meteor Impact, Meteor's most significant online conference, will be back this year and held by Jan Dvořák (aka Storyteller). Meteor Software and Pathable will support the event, amongst other sponsors.

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Helping migrate React Native libraries to the New Architecture

The React-Native team explains how they will help us adopt the new architecture. There will be documentation, support via the working group, but also GitHub repos with many examples of applications and migration branches. Note that React-Native 0.69 (with React 18) should be available soon: the features of Concurrent React will be available only for users on the new architecture.


Packages created by Shopify to profile the performance of your apps. First-class React-Navigation and FlatList profiling support.

⚠️ Warning: 3 popular packages now have the same name 😅



The cost of convenience

An interesting reflection on frontend abstractions and their cost... Proposes an interesting mental model to differentiate a framework from a library (IoC - Hollywood principle - "Don't call us, we'll call you"). All this illustrated with some React examples.

Moon - A build system for the JavaScript ecosystem

Seems to be a new competitor to Nx and Turborepo, this time written in Rust 😏


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