This Week In React #113: React source code, SOLID, Remix, Docusaurus, FP, Remotion, Rapier, Hermes, RN at Airbnb...

This Week In React #113: React source code, SOLID, Remix, Docusaurus, FP, Remotion, Rapier, Hermes, RN at Airbnb...

Hi everyone!

The newsletter now enters summer mode: 1 edition out of 2. I hope you enjoy your vacations 😎.

We will launch Docusaurus 2.0 very soon (2.0-rc.1 published). I will send you a special edition for the occasion. It will be the occasion to present you better this project I work on since 2+ years with Facebook. Docusaurus 2.0 is not the most famous React framework, but it remains very used despite being in beta: twice as much as Remix or Redwood, and is progressively catching up with Gatsby. I hope I can count on you for the ProductHunt launch 😄.

This week, I want to highlight tRPC to make remote calls (client/server or even server/server). Typical end-to-end solution, agile, and much easier to use than GraphQL. There is no particular event related to the lib, except a significant gain in popularity thanks to Theo and his create-t3-app framework.

See you soon for the Docusaurus launch 👋.

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Reading Source Code: React

Alex reads the React source code and comments on several parts, taking as an entry point the mount of a React application. Interesting details about the use of prototypes, JSX, and the interaction of the (agnostic) reconciler with the DOM renderer.

Can We All Just Admit React Hooks Were a Bad Idea?

Amy argues that React hooks do not respect SOLID architecture principles. I don't really agree, but recognize that most of the examples found on the internet are simplified and don't necessarily highlight a good architecture.

Applying SOLID principles in React

Almost a direct answer to the above article, even if the application of SOLID is more widely covered here (components + hooks). Note: don't hesitate to use the React context for dependency injection.


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Hermes as the Default

The JS Hermes engine is an alternative to JSC/V8. It can help your app to start faster via a pre-compilation in bytecode. With React-Native 0.70 (now in release candidate), Hermes is enabled by default. Michael shares various benchmarks from the open-source app Mattermost. The Hermes distribution mode has changed to avoid ABI incompatibility issues. Missing Intl APIs have been added on iOS. Upcoming support for BigInt and WeakRef.

What working at Airbnb during its React Native era taught me about web3

Devin goes over the history of React-Native at Airbnb and the very nuanced decision to sunset it He makes the interesting parallel with web3. In the long term, technology potential wins over the pain of early adopters.



Vite 3

Vite quickly became a reference in the frontend ecosystem. Today, it is a very good alternative to Create-React-App, with a much faster DX, and some React meta-frameworks are also using it (Storybook, Hydrogen...). v3 comes with a lot of changes, a new doc, starters for various frameworks (including React), improvements on global imports, a new doc... See also the ViteConf conference in October.


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