This Week In React #115: Astro, Radix, Remix, Next.js, MDX, Storybook, Expo 46, Skia, TanStack, TC39, Docusaurus...

This Week In React #115: Astro, Radix, Remix, Next.js, MDX, Storybook, Expo 46, Skia, TanStack, TC39, Docusaurus...

Hi everyone!

Following the successful launch of Docusaurus 2.0, I didn't have time to send out the newsletter scheduled for earlier this week 😅

This is another special edition, on a Friday night, covering almost 3 weeks of news, and a lot has happened!

Impossible to read everything or comment 😬. I made the choice to be exhaustive and include all the links that seemed interesting to me, without necessarily commenting on them. I would already have to read them myself before 😅 a bit overwhelmed now.

During this month of August, I will focus on my Revue migration to ConvertKit. The next edition will be around August 20th, but it's also possible I skip it and won't send anything until early September.

Anyway, since we won't see each other for a while, at least you'll have something to read this summer 🤣

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Announcing Docusaurus 2.0

Docusaurus is the React framework I'm working on with Meta. We just released v2.0. Very happy with this release which has been relayed all over! 💝 Thanks so much for participating and contributing to the success! 🙏 Useful links:


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Pedal to the Metal

🤯 This video by William Candillon is my favorite! You must watch it even if it's just for the intro, and the quality of the production👌 It includes the latest news of React-Native-Skia which goes into alpha, is included in Expo Go via Expo SDK 46, supports Snack, supports the web (with a Remotion starter), not to mention the perf improvements on the reconciler... In short, it moves fast and this is very exciting! It's also a nice collaboration with Shopify, Expo, Google, Remotion...



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