This Week In React #142: JSX, React-Query, Server Components, Next.js, Million, OpenNext, Ariakit, Expo-Image, React-Three-Fiber, TS 5.1, Node.js 20

This Week In React #142: JSX, React-Query, Server Components, Next.js, Million, OpenNext, Ariakit, Expo-Image, React-Three-Fiber, TS 5.1, Node.js 20

Hi everyone!

This week, TypeScript 5.1 is released in beta with many improvements related to JSX and React!

React-Query plans to remove query callbacks in version 5, and this idea does not please everyone.

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TypeScript 5.1 beta

TypeScript 5.1 (beta) + React

An important TypeScript release that will allow React to be able to declare its own valid JSX types. It is planned to use this new feature as soon as possible in React typedefs, which have already been forked to continue to support older versions (TypeScript <= 5.0).

There are good reasons to adopt TypeScript 5.1+ as soon as possible. It unlocks among other things:

  • the ability to use a React Server Component async in JSX without TypeScript errors or workaround.

  • the ability to return all valid types for ReactNode (string, array, boolean...) without needing a fragment (details).

  • other interesting improvements around JSX: namespaced attributes and linked editing (VSCode).

Breaking React Query's API on purpose

Breaking React Query's API on purpose

React-Query will remove the callbacks (onSuccess, onError, onSettled) from the useQuery hook with v5. Dominik explains this choice and suggest alternatives more adapted to common cases, like displaying a toast. A controversial but necessary decision because these APIs were often misused. Note: callbacks are kept for useMutation.

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