This Week In React #89: Remix, Remotion, Preact, Nextra, Relay, JSI, Skia, SwiftUI, TypeScript, web3...

This Week In React #89: Remix, Remotion, Preact, Nextra, Relay, JSI, Skia, SwiftUI, TypeScript, web3...

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This is a calm week for React in terms of content and announcements.

Remix continues to benefit from great marketing from its early adopters.

Did you know: React hooks could have been called "augmentors" 🤔

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Some Thoughts on Server State in Remix

An interesting thought on the management of state and server calls in Remix, which is designed to work with as well as without JavaScript on the client side. It can fall back to plain old browser behavior and JS is just a bonus.

Run Next and Remix on the same server

An interesting setup, which shows that we can mix Remix and Next.js inside the same Node.js server. This help design an incremental migration strategy to adopt or assess Remix.

Remix, SQLite, and Prisma, Oh my!

Another nice demonstration of the features of Remix. Being able to call Prisma from loader functions is quite powerful. It reminds other solutions like Next.js (but in a more co-located way) and server components.

Remotion 2.6

Latest release for this React video production lib. The Remotion player is now stable. A new Error Overlay and an Audiogram template. The next release will surely be 3.0 with AWS lambda serverless rendering support and the ability to encode videos very quickly!


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A React Native Engineer Builds A SwiftUI App

A React-Native dev trying SwiftUI. Knowledge of React and its declarative model is reusable. Positive feedback on animations, navigation and the SwiftUI "hot reload". Mixed feedback on error messages, nested syntax, and a few other details.



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How not to learn TypeScript

Great article from Stefan Baumgartner, full of good advice with which I fully agree. This should make it easier to get started with TypeScript and to gradually increase your skills without tears and pain. TIL about the noEmitOnError flag.

A New Container Query Polyfill That Just Works

Chris Coyier's analysis on a new polyfill for container queries: a new, eagerly awaited CSS feature extremely useful for the encapsulation of responsive design (media queries) in component-based frameworks like React. This polyfill looks usable today for client-rendered apps, if you need SSR support it will unfortunately lead to FOUC until browsers support this.

My first impressions of web3

Great post about the "web 3" from the Signal app creator, showing some surprisingly weird things in the current state of blockchain and NFT technologies. Many great answers from Web 3 leaders (like Vitalik). Also worth reading: The Myth of Decentralization and Lies about Web 2.0.


This lib allows Node.js to interact efficiently with Rust code, and is increasingly used in our modern frontend tooling. V2 is a backward compatible rewrite that resolves some existing limitations, provide some automated binding files generations and new features. WebAssembly support planned.


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