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This Week In React #119: React OG Images, Tremor, Storybook, Decoupling, Rendering, Remix, Qwik, TypeScript, Playwright...

This Week In React #119: React OG Images, Tremor, Storybook, Decoupling, Rendering, Remix, Qwik, TypeScript, Playwright...

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Sébastien Lorber
·Oct 12, 2022·

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Hi everyone!

A week with a lot of good and varied React articles. It's calm on the React-Native side.

The ViteConf has just started, there will probably be some announcements for next week ;)

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⚛️ React

Vercel OG Image Generation: Fast, dynamic social card images at the Edge

Vercel presents a new very efficient solution to generate dynamic social cards in Vercel Edge Functions. Practical: it is possible to use JSX, React components (stateless) and Tailwind without additional config. I recommend this thread explaining how it all works, very interesting! They even use Yoga, the layout engine from React-Native 🤭

The future of rendering in React

Well-illustrated article that presents the rendering patterns of React 18 and above. You will find information about how SSR streaming works, Suspense, React lazy, feature flags implementation with Server Components...

Overcoming Popular Issues With React Projects

Encourages to decouple our JavaScript apps from the framework (React or other). Promotes a return to more simplicity. Some hot takes that will probably not agree with.

Material UI in Storybook

Tutorial with a particularly interesting section that explains how to automate the creation of Storytook controls by reusing the TypeScript types of the underlying UI library. Very useful when forwarding props. Even supports helpers like Pick and Omit.

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React Brussels - IRL & Online React conference - 14 Oct 2022

React Brussels is back for its first Hybrid edition to ever happen in the ❤️of Europe. Talks about the trendiest tech and skills (Playwright, WebVR, useEffect, Data Fetching, Remix …) will be on agenda; from some of the brightest minds in the React arena; namely :

  • Tejas Kumar: DevRel Director - Xata
  • Kathleen McMahon: Sr Design System Eng - Northwestern Mutual
  • David Khourshid: Founder - Stately
  • Shaundai Person: Sr Software Eng - Netflix
  • Debbie O'Brien: Sr Program Manager - Microsoft

Afterparty, Contests, Job Opportunities, Belgian 🍺, Swag, City Tour ... all is there to last long beyond the conference itself !

IRL tickets are unfortunately sold-out ! You can still be part of the fun though! Get your 30€ online ticket 🎟 😜

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Causal is a Series A Startup (backed by Coatue/Accel) building an all-in-one tool for working with numbers and visualizing data. We're looking for strong React engineers who can solve difficult UX/performance challenges.

🧑‍💼 G2i - 100% Remote React Native Jobs

We have several roles open for developers focused on React Native! Pay is ~160k plus 10% bonus. You must have production experience with RN and be based in the US. DM @gabe_g2i to learn more and don't forget to mention This Week in React.

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Kent C. Dodds Twitter edit meme - Rick Rolled

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