This Week In  React #139:, Remix, next export, Server Components, Error Boundary, Wakuwork, Astro, React-Native, Bottom Sheet, TC39...

This Week In React #139:, Remix, next export, Server Components, Error Boundary, Wakuwork, Astro, React-Native, Bottom Sheet, TC39...

Hi everyone!

The new React site is finally out, and it's safe to say that it kicks ass πŸ€— I've put up quite a few related links, and will let you make up your own mind!

There are also some really cool articles. I like the interactive map of React APIs, Remix's approach to breaking changes for v2, or the use of React-Server-Components for translations.

On the React-Native side, the first RC of v0.72 is out. Some long-awaited new features of Metro 0.76 should be available soon, like symlinks support!

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The new React website is finally online! A new article comes with this launch. It's a very big project (both tech and content) that required several years of efforts and many collaborators.

What I like in particular:

  • The focus on hooks and functional components

  • The guides with many diagrams, illustrations and interactive challenges

  • The emphasis of React as a cross-platform solution, not web-only

  • API pages well separated in references/usage, current/deprecated, client/server

  • The overall consistency of the whole experience

Some changes were also controversial this week, in particular the fact of recommending only a small list of frameworks to start a new React project (Next.js, Remix, Gatsby, Expo) but not recommending many others (Vite, Create-React-App, client-side SPA...).

Also read:

Map of React API

Map of React API

A spatial and interactive representation of the React APIs, with references to great external articles for each of these APIs. I think it's a great idea and a good opinionated complement to the official documentation.

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