This Week In React #145: Next.js, Server Actions, useFormStatus, useOptimistic, App Router, Ink, ReasonML, Redwood, Reanimated, VisionCamera...

This Week In React #145: Next.js, Server Actions, useFormStatus, useOptimistic, App Router, Ink, ReasonML, Redwood, Reanimated, VisionCamera...

Hi everyone!

As expected a new version of Next.js is out. Some React innovations that are better documented in the Next.js doc than in the React one, like form action, or the 2 new hooks useFormStatus and useOptimistic.

There are a lot of conferences at the moment. Remix Conf and App.js starting today: there will surely be some nice announcements.

The React-Native-Connection (Paris, June 1st) is also a few weeks away, and you can have -20% discount with the code "REACTHEBDO"!

I plan to skip next week's edition. Next issue on May 24th 👋

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Next.js 13.4

Next.js 13.4

A major release for Next.js, with:

  • App Router (stable): the new router based on Suspense and Server Components is ready for production

  • Turbopack (beta): the new bundler is stabilizing in dev, and prod build is coming soon

  • Server Actions (alpha): Next.js integration of the latest React innovations

The blog post shows many notable differences with the old router: conventions, nested layouts, selective hydration, server components, code splitting...

It also unveils the new React innovations to manage mutations and form submissions, whose integration in Next.js gives birth to Server Actions. This greatly simplifies interactions with the server without the need to create an API route and the use of forms supporting progressive enhancement. It is now possible to create and distribute full-stack React components.

Note that it is a bit early to adopt Server Actions in production. They are in alpha, and you could unexpectedly expose a secret captured in a Server Action closure to the client. Details here:

Other useful links:

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