This Week In React #155: RSC DevTools, Next.js Caching, Radix Themes, Expo Party, Graph Gallery, Astro, Apollo, Storybook, Remix, Reanimated...

Hi everyone!

I thought this week was going to be pretty quiet, but I found a lot of interesting stuff, both on the React and React-Native side!

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Devtools for React Server Components

Devtools for React Server Components

Following the release of the React Server Components, Alvar noticed that network communication between client and server used a format that was difficult to decipher. So he started work on a website RSC Parser that allows payloads to be inspected more conveniently. It worked, but the UX wasn't ideal. Since then, he's been working on a real browser extension that works a bit like Chrome's Network DevTools, with a timeline that shows payloads over time and even supports streaming with Suspense. This tool has already enabled him to detect overly large payloads on his blog and optimise them.

It's a promising tool, still under development and worth keeping an eye on. The extension is not yet available in the browser stores, but will be soon. A few video demos in this Twitter thread.

Caching in Next.js

Caching in Next.js

A new Next.js documentation page provides a comprehensive explanation of how the 4 levels of caching work, why they exist and how to bypass them:

  • Request Memoization

  • Data Cache

  • Full Route Cache

  • Router Cache

It is not possible to bypass the Router cache: a problem that is highlighted in this video.

Radix UI Themes

Radix UI Themes

Radix UI is a headless React library that's been getting a lot of praise lately, not least for the elegant design of its API. They've just announced with a nice trailer (on Twitter) that Radix now offers a set of styled components in addition to their primitive ones.

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A Non-Cloud Alternative to Google Forms that has it all

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📱 React-Native

Expo Launch Party

Expo Launch Party

This week, Expo will be announcing many new great things. For the moment, we have:

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