This Week In React #159: Bun, Static Hermes, Next.js, Redwood, Marz, React Aria Components, Next Nav, visionOS, Reanimated, Flame, Skia Fonts, Stagger

This Week In React #159: Bun, Static Hermes, Next.js, Redwood, Marz, React Aria Components, Next Nav, visionOS, Reanimated, Flame, Skia Fonts, Stagger


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Hi everyone!

This week, the runtimes are in the spotlight. Of course, we'll be talking about Bun and Static Hermes.

I'll spare you the heated debates on Twitter this week ๐Ÿ˜… let's stick to positive vibes.

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Bun 1.0

Bun 1.0

It's impossible to miss it this week: Bun has just been released as stable v1.0. This news isn't directly related to React, but it will undoubtedly affect all React developers out there at some point.

Bun is a complete toolchain for JavaScript and TypeScript based on Webkit and written in Zig. It is a new ultra-fast alternative to a whole host of front-end tools we use today: Node.js, npx, Babel, esbuild, swc, webpack, Jest, Vitest, npm, Yarn, pnpm... The benchmarks are super impressive and definitively real.

Its compatibility with the existing tools and its mixed ESM/CJS support make it quite easy to adopt as a drop-in replacement. Bun is generally able to run your code as is, without any changes (otherwise it's ๐Ÿฆ considered a bug). React frameworks like Next.js, Remix and Astro are already supported. Using it as a replacement for npm/Yarn/pnpm or Jest/Vitest is probably a good entry point and not too risky.

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๐Ÿ“ฑ React-Native

Static Hermes

Static Hermes

Static Hermes was announced at React-Native EU last week. I wasn't there, so I'm trying to explain what I understood by reading the slides, as the video isn't on YouTube yet.

Static Hermes is an experimental project that allows you to optionally compile some of your TypeScript (or Flow) code into native code. This offers significant performance gains (x10-20) compared to Hermes usual mode based in bytecode interpretation. It also enables easy integration with native APIs directly from your TypeScript code (zero-cost FFI, x15-80 faster than a JSI wrapper).

To enable this, TypeScript must first become a "sound" language. Static Hermes will modify the semantics of JavaScript to ensure that the declared types matches the runtime types. This slide explains the concept well:

Static Hermes makes TypeScript sound

A very interesting idea that could maybe one day have an impact outside the React-Native ecosystem?

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