This Week In React #160: Remix, Next.js, Expo API Routes, Ladle, MDXEditor, Sonner, Docusaurus, AbortController, Query String, Menubar, VisionCamera..

Hi everyone!

After a little break, we're catching up on 2 weeks of news this week!

There's been quite a few releases, including Remix and Next.js, but also some lesser-known packages that are well worth your attention.

Super excited to see Expo finally venturing server-side!

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Remix v2

Remix v2

As expected, Remix v2 should be a relatively straightforward upgrade, since many v2 features were already available in v1 as opt-in 'future flags'. This article gives an overview of all the flags that were delivered in v1 and are now enabled by default in v2. Remix also offers retro-compatibility packages for those who preferred some v1 conventions. React Server Component support should land in Remix v3.

Next.js 13.5

Next.js 13.5

Many developers complained about the slowness of the Next.js dev server lately. Vercel heard us and came up with another rlease that significantly improves things.

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📱 React-Native

Expo Router RFC - API Routes

Expo Router RFC - API Routes

I've been looking forward to this! Expo is getting into server-side features by offering to deploy API Routes via an Expo Router convention. You can deploy these routes yourself, and soon on popular hosts, but it's clear that the long-term goal is to suggest hosting the server runtime in EAS.

This marks the start of a new era for Expo. Having solved the problem of native mobile, it's now time to make cross-platform a mainstream reality by filling the gaps in web support with Server Side Rendering and React Server Components.

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